Mothering young kids is hard.

Learn how to calm down and tame your anxiety in minutes.

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What mothers, like you, need more than anything is the EMOTIONAL self-care. Not just a break but a boost of energy and care.

Here is something quick and substantial.

A nourishing magic bullet for your scattered mind and frazzled body. An insight, practice + audio download to help you implement.

Have we met?

I'm Ela Compton - mom & founder of Parents Pause

We help parents of infants and toddlers thrive and avoid burnout to be their best during their child’s most critical developmental years. 

Through my work with hundreds of parents — I’ve witnessed over and over how our curriculum makes it possible for parents to care for their baby and recharge at the same time. Taking your emotional well-being seriously benefits everyone, helping you enjoy parenthood guilt-free while equipping your baby with secure attachment and healthy emotional patterns to succeed in life. 

Scientific research on mindfulness, self-compassion, early child development, human attachment informs our work. The practices are trauma-sensitive and tailored for new and early parents.

Talk soon!

Ela Compton - Parents Pause

Just try it! 

I was very skeptical of the whole "self-compassion" thing, but it turned out to be my go-to trick whenever I feel like losing ground again. Ela has a steady and calming presence, so rare and supportive.

- Marie G.

This will always stay with me!

I loved the mindful centering that you guided us through. Breathe in for yourself and breathe out for others...

- Swarnima